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Are You Independent Contractor or Employee?

Attention Business Owners: You must file your 2014 Self-Employed Income Tax Return by June 15, 2015!  There are only 46 days left, so file now to avoid costly late filing penalties.

TAX TIP         As Independent Contractor, remember that CRA Canada Revenue Agency will usually request a copy of your written contract so be sure it is correctly prepared.  Just one small word makes all the difference!  Employees have ‘contracts of service’ which are subject to the employer’s control.  However, independent contractors work under a ‘contract for services’ allowing freedom within which to operate.  For professional […]

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Canada Revenue Agency

Only 31 Days Left to Save You Money

There are only 31 days left to save you money. April 30th is your tax payment deadline. The time to reduce your tax bill is now! Be sure to file your 2014 Individual Income Tax Return now to avoid penalties.

Contact us now to arrange your free, no-obligation, strictly confidential FinancialCHECKUP™ Now more than ever you need to know that you are paying the least amount of tax.

TAX TIP Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has increased the number of tax audits, especially for small businesses, to detect unreported income which can result in criminal prosecution or […]

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How To Save 2014 Tax


We are proud to present our updated annual 2014 TAX RETURN ORGANIZER™, your indispensable reference guide to help you save money by reducing the amount you pay in income taxes. Click here to read and print it.

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TAX TIP     If you have a business it is an important strategy to see how you can bring your family into the business and how you can leverage your family […]

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