Capital Gains Exemption


Below are Tax Tips in respect of the capital gains exemption, one of the most valuable tax incentives provided to shareholders of private corporations in Canada.  This allows a private company shareholder to sell shares and eliminate income tax on over $800,000 of lifetime capital gains triggered by the sale. Remember that each family member might qualify for their own exemption!  Of course, the availability of the exemption is subject to a number of conditions.

TAX TIP        Planning should be done to enable as many family members as possible to use the exemption, which may also be crystallized […]

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Money Worries – Greatest Source of Stress

We hope you had a safe and enjoyable summer.  There are only 4 planning months left in 2015 and the year is quickly coming to a close.  As licensed CFP Certified Financial Planner, our goal is to raise awareness of the importance offinancial planning and tax planning in your life because it will enhance your emotional well-being and financial well-being.  See the eye-popping survey results below from a national FPSC three-year survey of 15,000 Canadianswhich found that money is the leading source of stress, significantly more than work, personal health and relationships.  According to the survey, financial stress is driving […]

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