Business Services

Business Tax Planning & Preparation services

We are your partner where all things financial and tax are concerned. Whether you are contemplating a start up, planning for growth or focused on retirement we are here to help you succeed.

Early Stage Business Services

For the start up, we deliver the expertise and advice that young companies need to build a solid foundation for future growth. We provide guidance on cost effective and risk appropriate structures for your business. We are your primary source for organizational design and operating cost efficiency. For more information on things to be aware of when setting up a business, Contact us > now.

Business Consulting

We help to grow profitable business by delivering strategic and tactical financial information that shapes smart decision-making. Regardless of your concerns, whether it’s the costs benefits of incorporation, HST/GST filing alternatives, choice of payroll employees versus sub contractors, or how tax rule impact different businesses, we are the only call you will ever have to make.

We offer guidance when it comes to business registration and/or incorporation. Depending upon the nature of your business, we will help you determine to option that makes sense, if you like, we can even do the registration or incorporation for you. At the same time, we will, review the full range of business structure options to ensure you understand your choices as well as their tax and risk implications. Contact us >

Record Keeping

Record keeping is an important part of any business but it does bit have to be complicated or time consuming. We can manage this part of the business for you. Alternatively, we will recommend record keeping options and can help you set your accounting software. If required, we will set you your accounts, integrate your payroll and tax processes, and provide all the record keeping guidance that you need. We also provide training on (most) accounting software packages. Our objective is to help you function as independently as you choose. Contact us >

Partnerships and Shareholder Advice

We offer counsel and solutions for clients when it comes to adding or removing partners or shareholders to their business. Our clients often call upon our expertise to draft or review partnership agreements or to assist with tax and related ownership structure planning. Contact us >

Financial Planning

If you don’t know where you are going, you’re never going to get there. We deliver financial planning services for business and personal goal setting. Once these are established, we can refer you to advisors who are experts in the implementation of your plans. Contact us >


I have had the pleasure of knowing Howard Halpern Chartered (Professional) Accountant for many years. His firm provided valuable professional services to the jewelry sales and distribution organization where I worked as senior VP. We always appreciated both his professional advice, and his cost saving services and recommendations. Accordingly, I have no hesitation to recommend Howard.

– S.R. Toronto, Vice President Sales and Marketing Corporate at FFJ