Do you remember your first day in business?  Since then, you’ve sacrificed a lot for your business, worked long hours, and maybe even borrowed money.  The business was doing OK and you took home a good income.

Today, things might have changed.  Expenses may be rising and you may now find yourself between a rock and a hard place.  You’ve been borrowing money, stretching creditors and looking for a solution, but nothing seems to work.  You have to avoid going through stages of drifting and denial and quickly act to “fix” the business before problems get worse and it is too late.

How do you actually “fix” a business?  Is there a proven turnaround method that really works?  Yes, there is and we can help you.

Since 1982, we’ve been helping businesses and individuals save money and prevent costly mistakes. Our full-service CPA firm combines the technical knowledge of Chartered Professional Accountant with entrepreneurial mindset of Strategic Business Advisor.

FINANCIAL TIP   Consider funding options because many businesses flounder simply because they are undercapitalized. You may have been reluctant to apply for a business line of credit or a business loan, but doing so will ensure that you are able to manage cash flow and have money to invest in your business.  Always try the bank first before pursuing alternative lenders. We can help you obtain financing for your business and deal with lenders in a strictly confidential manner so contact us now.

Take the Crisis out of Management

If your business is under-performing, we can help by encouraging you to take action before it is too late.  When a liquidity crisis threatens, the key to cost effective and timely results is a thorough situational and financial analysis.

We work collaboratively with clients to turn around their businesses.  We systematically address key strategy, infrastructure, operations and financial trouble spots.  We will rapidly diagnose the problem, identify immediate stabilizing activities, provide you with operational and performance improvement advice, and address debt-structuring and refinancing needs.

FINANCIAL TIP     Speed up recovery of accounts receivables. To guard against late payments, bill as early as possible. Instead of waiting until the end of the month, generate an invoice as soon as the goods or services are delivered. For big orders, you may want to consider progressive invoicing while you manufacture the goods or deliver the service. For example, you can ask for a deposit with the order and then a percentage of the payment at various agreed upon milestones. Please contact us now for professional assistance with your invoicing and collections needs.

We Will Help You

HALPERN Chartered Professional Accounting Firm is a full-service Tax, Accounting, Business Advisory and Financial Planning CPA firm. Accurate and timely information is only one piece of any effective solution. We are dedicated to bringing you all of the pieces together – knowledgeable and innovative advice, leading-edge technology, and a strong relationship with our clients. This type of creative thinking also enables us to help you and your business organization to solve complex problems and significantly enhance your ability to improve performance, manage risk and build value.