We are proud to present our updated annual 2016 TAX RETURN ORGANIZER™, your indispensable reference guide to help you save money by reducing the amount you pay in income taxes. Click here to read and print it.

TAX TIP       Remember that, when you pay CPP and EI premiums on the salary of your child’s nanny, they are eligible to be deducted as child care expenses provided the salary or wage paid to your nanny meets the criteria in Section 63. Child care expenses are amounts incurred for the purpose of providing child care services for an eligible child. Eligible expenses can include babysittingnursery day care or camp or boarding school. To ensure you maximize your child care expense deductions, please contact us now.

This 2016 TAX RETURN ORGANIZER™ is in PDF Adobe Format. If you don’t already have Adobe PDF Reader, you may download it for free by clicking here.

Please ensure that your tax documents and completed 2016 TAX RETURN ORGANIZER™ are received by our office as soon as possible, preferably by Monday March 13, 2017.

TAX TIP           There are special “attribution rules” when you transfer capital property to your spouse or common-law-partner. Normally the property is deemed to have been disposed of at your ACB adjusted cost base. That property is also deemed to be acquired by your spouse at the same amount. However, instead you can make a special election to do this transfer to your spouse at FMV fair market value. If you do not make the special election, you will not have a capital gain from the “sale” of the property to your spouse. To avoid nasty surprises when you transfer property to your spouse or common-law-partner, please contact us.

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