We hope you had a safe and enjoyable summer.  There are only 4 planning months left in 2015 and the year is quickly coming to a close.  As licensed CFP Certified Financial Planner, our goal is to raise awareness of the importance offinancial planning and tax planning in your life because it will enhance your emotional well-being and financial well-being.  See the eye-popping survey results below from a national FPSC three-year survey of 15,000 Canadianswhich found that money is the leading source of stress, significantly more than work, personal health and relationships.  According to the survey, financial stress is driving Canadians to lose sleep, reconsider past financial decisions, argue with partners and lie to family and friends about personal finances. 

Eye-Popping Results and Conclusion
The survey results reveal that Canadians experience financial stress differently depending on their age and gender.  It concludes that those who engage in financial planning with a CFP Certified Financial Planner report significantly higher levels of emotional and financial well-being when compared to those who do not.  They feel their financial goals and retirement plans are more on track, their ability to save has improved, they are more confident they can handle the inevitable bumps in life, and they report having enough money for splurges, vacations and living the life they want.
The following are key survey results across the country excluding Quebec:
Losing Sleep
Significant numbers of men and women lose sleep over financial worries (51 percent women, 40 percent men)
Almost half (45 percent) of Canadians are embarrassed about their lack of control over finances.
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Lying About Your Finances
Millennials, born in the early 1980s to early 2000s, are more likely than any other generation to lie about their personal finances.  Thirty-three percent admit being dishonest with friends, 25 percent with family and 15 percent with co-workers compared to national averages of 17 percent, 14 percent and 9 percent respectively.
Arguing Over Finances
4 in 10 people regularly argue over finances in relationships with shared finances.
Friends in Better Shape
One-third of Canadians believe their friends are in better financial shape than they are.
FINANCIAL TIP         Did you know that those who obtain comprehensive financial planning possess a significantly stronger sense of well-being? For example, 62% report they are emotionally better off, 85% report being financially better off, 45% report a better overall contentment and 79% report better off achievement of their life goals.  For strictly confidential advice on your specific financial planning situation, please contact us now.