We hope you had a safe and enjoyable summer.  The 2019 calendar year is quickly coming to a close.  September is here, the summer has come to an end and the leaves will soon change colour.  Change is inevitable, just like the weather. The best part about change is that it presents wonderful opportunities, just like the creative tax and financial planning services we offer our valued clients.

Did you know that we can usually identify significant cash savings for you and your family just by reviewing your income tax returns, even if they were not prepared by our firm?  Please contact us now to arrange your free, no-obligation, strictly confidential consultation.  Now more than ever you need to know that you are saving as much money as possible.

TAX TIP        You should figure out how much tax you are paying on every single dollar of your earnings. This can easily be done by dividing your total tax payable by your net income.  If this number-crunching exercise does not motivate you to contact us now for our valuable tax and financial planning services, probably nothing will.

Tax Planning Opportunities

There are numerous tax planning opportunities available to both individuals and business owners.  Most of these are formally sanctioned by the Canada Revenue Agency.  Many arise as a result of ordinary business or financial opportunities which just happen to have favourable tax treatment.

We can help you compile important information about your income and expenses because this is a necessary starting point for effective tax and financial planning.  Are there opportunities for you to save money?  Yes, most likely!  And we have the in-depth professional experience to help you every step of the way.

TAX TIP        You can ask Canada Revenue Agency to revise any of your ten (10) previous tax returns filed if, for example, we identify errors and missed opportunities on your previous years’ tax returns, as we often do.  For example, a request made in 2017 must relate to your 2007 or a later taxation year in order to be considered by Canada Revenue Agency, so contact us now before it is too late.

We Will Help You

HALPERN Chartered Professional Accounting Firm is a full-service Tax, Accounting, Business Advisory and Financial Planning CPA firm. Accurate and timely information is only one piece of any effective solution. We are dedicated to bringing you all of the pieces together – knowledgeable and innovative advice, leading-edge technology, and a strong relationship with our clients. This type of creative thinking enables us to help you and your business organization to solve complex problems and significantly enhance your ability to improve performance, manage risk and build value.

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