As we draw closer to 2016 Financial Planning Week, which takes place the week of November 20-26, 2016, we want to remind you how you can benefit from financial planning.  Exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, and managing stress effectively can help proactively maintain a positive mind and healthy body. For many Canadians, though, doing so on a daily basis is a big challenge.  The link between stress and health has long intrigued workplace health providers, employers, doctors and scientists. Stress, which is a fact of life, can be difficult to control and can have serious physical and mental health consequences.

So, what tops the list of stressors for Canadians? You may have already guessed: FINANCES!

A recognized solution for dealing with stress is to speak to people who can help you with what you are stressing about.  If finances are an identified stressor for you, contact us now for your personal and confidential FinancialCHECKUP™ because Howard Halpern CPA CFP is not only a Chartered Professional Accountant but also a CFP Certified Financial Planner.

People worry and fret about their financial situation constantly, with some years being worse than others. Does your financial situation stress you out? If so, you aren’t alone. The majority of Canadians admit to worrying about their financial security and future. Concerns like “How will I manage to send my children to post-secondary education?”, “I’m worried about my retirement”, or “I lost significant money on my investments” are commonly heard.

FINANCIAL TIP     Everyone can benefit from increasing their financial know-how and understanding the value of financial planning. Beyond financial security, many people say they find peace of mind by working with us and having a financial plan, and you can too if you contact us now for our financial planning and tax services.

As CFP Certified Financial Planner, we look at all areas of your personal financial situation – what you own, your investments, your debts and budgeting. We also discuss your life goals: where you want to go with your life and where you currently are. We can work with you to develop strategies that will bring your goals in line with your financial situation, and help you manage your personal finances more effectively. Working on solutions to your financial issues with a qualified, competent professional will help you feel more in control, and also give you peace of mind that you have taken action.

FINANCIAL TIP        Financial planning is about balancing today’s needs with tomorrow’s goals – whatever those goals may be. Plan for the long-term but don’t lose sight of everything in between. As CFP Certified Financial Planner, we can help you put this together efficiently and effectively so contact us now.

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Now more than ever you need our strategic tax consulting, comprehensive business advisory and financial planning services. We also use the most advanced state-of-the-art technology to minimize your income tax liabilities.

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